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Choosing a Wedding Gown For The Special Day

Planning a modern wedding can be almost as difficult as the work of military officers planning a battle, and it can overwhelm brides and grooms trying to please their family and friends. When it comes to choosing a wedding gown, there are often far too many offers from those who want to help. Some brides make the mistake of bringing at least a half dozen female family members and friends to help them make their important decision, and the differing advice they get can make the experience even more difficult than it would normally be. For those who want to ensure they get what they really want, they should restrict their companions to their mother and their best friend.

Bringing mother

While it is the joy of a father to escort his daughter down the aisle at the church, it is the joy of a mother to help her daughter plan her wedding down to the smallest detail. They go over the guest list for their side together, plan the total number of guests, discuss the reception plans and sometimes they even go to food tastings to decide what will be served. It is a time of extreme closeness for many brides and their mothers, so it is no wonder most young women are determined that they will be bringing mother with them when they begin searching for the perfect gown.

The best friend

Most people have only one best friend, and that is the person they trust above all others who are not their immediate family. Most brides are best friends with someone they have known for many years, and they have spent countless hours engrossed deeply in magazines featuring wedding gowns of all types. They have planned their weddings down to every last detail, so having the best friend go with her to choose a wedding gown is expected. The bride knows her friend will be honest about how the dress really looks on her, and she can count on this appraisal to be delivered in a kind and considerate manner.

The groom's mother

The role of mother of the groom is often one where there is little for her to do, and it can be a disappointment for a woman who has no daughters. A thoughtful bride might decide it would be a good bonding experience to ask her future mother-in-law to go with her when she chooses her gown. It will give her an opportunity to share a special time with the mother of her future husband, and her own mother and best friend will be able to help smooth the way for her entry into her new family.

It can be difficult to find just the right gown for such a memorable day, and many brides have often been overwhelmed by the choices. Taking too many helpful friends along can turn the day into a disaster, but there are always a few special people they should include. For those who want to share the day with their mother, their best friend and even their future mother-in-law, it can be a fun way to make the right choice.