Marriage And Life

Families and Weddings, Treading Carefully

When a couple makes the decision to get married, there is generally excitement and a feeling of anticipation that accompanies their announcement. They and their families see the cycle of life moving forward, but few of them anticipate the reality of the stress a wedding can heap onto an unsuspecting couple. There will be many disagreements in struggles over the next few months, but those who manage to get through them have a good chance to enjoy a lifetime of love as a couple. For those who choose to break off their engagement before the wedding, the single life still awaits them.

Setting a date

Planning a wedding begins with the engagement, but families will soon press the couple to choose the date. It might seem like a small thing in comparison to the commitment they are making, but setting a date is the first step of their lives as a married couple. Compromises will occur as they figure out when they want to get married, and many of them do not realize their partner has a particular date in mind. Learning how to compromise at this stage of the game is a good indicator of how the rest of the wedding planning will go, so they should pay close attention to each other as they make this momentous decision.

The guest list

Couples in love must still deal with the reality of their lives, and their families are often upset over how long or short the guest list will be for the wedding. Those who are more interested in having a small wedding might find their future in-laws were counting on inviting several hundred people. For those who want a large wedding, their discovery might be that their future spouse is not interested in participating in an event of monumental proportions. The need to agree on these types of issues can make their future union better, or it could be possible they will choose to remain single after all.

Overwhelming decisions

Many couples find that planning the wedding they want while considering the needs of their family can lead them into a series of overwhelming decisions. They might find it is easier to break off their relationship than continue the attempt to merge two families into one happy union. Those who choose this path might find it difficult to go back to dating, but dating agencies are an online resource that can help them move past their broken heart and begin enjoying single life again.

Planning a wedding and including the needs and wishes of two families can be one of the most difficult times a modern couples faces, and getting through the preparations can feel like climbing a mountain. Those who manage to help each other up the slippery slopes will find it enhances their relationship, but those who are unable to hold on will find their relationship going off the cliff. They have the choice to manage the plans as a couple, or they can return to the life of being single and searching for someone new.